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To add money to your account, send ISK to the corporation (Open this link using the In-game Browser to verify you sending your ISK to the right corporation.).

Corporation Window

Open the corp's info window. The safest way to do this is to click the Deposit ISK link in the menu, or to click our corp's link in our in-game chat channel's MOTD. That way you can be sure you've got the right corp!

Click the small white box in the top left of the window, and choose Give Money.

Deposit Not Received

  • Make sure you sent the ISK to the right corp.
  • You must send the ISK from the same character that has the SKUNKblink account.

SKUNKblink is the premier Eve Online microlottery site, operating since October 2014! has operated since May of 2012.

Our microlotteries have just a few tickets. When the tickets are bought, the winner is revealed immediately! Fast-paced and exciting, microlotteries never require you to check back weeks later to see if you were selected from among thousands of tickets!

Registration could not be easier! All you have to do is click Register. SKUNKblink will have you verify your account. After that, it's smooth sailing!

While we believe that our site is easy and intuitive to navigate, not every may agree.

Click this image to get a basic map to navigating SKUNKblink.

At this point in time we randomly generate items to be 'blinked' on. If you don't want a particular item you can always take ISK or Credit for the item and keep playing!

When a player deposits ISK at SKUNKblink, they are given credit. Once that money has been played, the player can select if they want the ISK or Credit + 10% additional credit for their winnings. If the player selects ISK, that money is still available for play until the player clicks the button to Withdrawl ALL ISK.

If the player has both ISK and Credit, tickets will ALWAYS be deducted from the players credit (assuming there is enough credit to buy the ticket). We cannot and will not ever combined or send balances to any other character.

You may play on whatever character you wish, across as many toons as you wish. We have no real way to enforce you playing on a single account. We don't require any APIs, we just take your ISK, and then let you play. We're not the police.

Please note: WE WILL NEVER combined account ISK balances.

Why would you bot on our site? Honestly, what fun is that?

You are not allowed to automate your play or access of SKUNKblink. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Auto-refreshers
  • Bots
  • Browser extensions
  • Scripts

We want SKUNKblink to be fun to play for everyone! When you use these tools to give yourself an unfair advantage, it takes fun away from everyone else.

If you use one of these tools, we will close your account and not pay out any prizes or refund your balance.

Please keep SKUNKblink fun.

We have just a few extra guidelines for enjoying SKUNKblink. Thank you for taking the time to read them!

  • If there's an error caused by the malfunction of our website, we'll fix the problem as soon as possible, and return any ISK to your SKUNKblink account. However, we're not responsible for these malfunctions. For example, if buying tickets didn't take any money from your account, we may remove those tickets at our discretion.
  • If your prize isn't available, we'll offer you the ISK equivalent.
  • We promise to do our best to get all prizes to you in 24 hours. However, sometimes there will be circumstances beyond our control (for example, Eve might be down). We can't guarantee how long it will take to receive your prizes.
  • We will not ban accounts by request. If you wish to no longer have access to your account, please bio-mass your toon.
  • If a GM removes money that you've sent to us, we will ban your account until you repay the owed amount.
  • Acts of aggression against SKUNKblink, such as impersonating SKUNKblink staff, creating scam contracts, ganking, or declaring war may result in the loss of your SKUNKblink account. (We don't govern your behavior in Eve, however; just your behavior as it pertains to SKUNKblink.)

We have a chat channel in game (EVESkunk). It's a great place to chat with other SKUNKblink players, but we have some rules for you to follow.

  • No Scamming or Begging (or joking about either) in or via our channel.
  • Please treat other players with respect. Keep it civil, keep it classy. This includes no racial/sexual/religious epithets.
  • Please refrain from sociopolitical or religious topics.
  • No NSFW links.
  • Please do not spam contracts, recruitment ads or links.
  • If you need help, just ask for a Blink rep! Someone is often available in channel.
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