Alliance Subject
Mordus Angels FONE OF BEST CTA EVER! upd
Pen Is Out WANGS 2017 Goals
-Entropy- War Status - Mercantile Club Bureau (losses)
Mordus Angels SRP for CTA Friday
Elemental Tide Tomorrow
Circle-Of-Two To a great alliance
Escalating Entropy Departure/Market Open
Circle-Of-Two Sunday Fleets
Everyb0dy Lies Перенос али собрания на 16.30 ет
Elemental Tide SRP
Pandemic Horde New horde update - CAPITAL SRP
Fidelas Constans srp - introduction, instruction and/or reminder
Legion of xXDEATHXx ПабФест Питер 22.01.2017 18:00 МСК
Sev3rance 29.01.2017 19:00 EU Time Zone Meeting
The Volition Cult Goodbye and fly safe
Bright Side of Death 20.01.2017 [21:30 МСК (сбор) (18:30 ET)] мачалко-иглы
DRONE WALKERS Thank you <3
Wings Wanderers важно
Wings Wanderers Пардон, не в ту рассылку
Wings Wanderers 10/10 UD-VZW
Brave Collective Contracting Team Expansion
The Volition Cult Re: scanner needed
The Volition Cult scanner needed
Bloodline. The help of a friend
Elemental Tide Upcoming Fleets
Legio De Mortem Foxy Knight's Inc update
The Blood Covenant Pew f*cking pew
The Blood Covenant Сбор Хом деф
The Blood Covenant Сбор
Wings Wanderers пиу-пиу вечером. evening pew-pwe
Fidelas Constans I kept it short, please read :)
Ironworks Scanning ships
Army of New Eden Update: Deadly Encounter
Everyb0dy Lies Re: Встреча в Москве
The Volition Cult update
Integritas Constans The pvp tournament on SiSi!
Everyb0dy Lies Встреча в Москве
Warped Intentions please read link
Pen Is Out Re: Decmeber of Pew II Results and Awards
Pen Is Out Decmeber of Pew II Results and Awards
Sev3rance great to see some new FC's step up
Ironworks I like lil kitten toes
Ironworks if you can read this, dont
Ironworks please dont read
Ironworks ships
Elemental Tide Fleet Friday
The Volition Cult see you all
Circle-Of-Two A CO2-mate in Need
Infinity Space. Шпион-не брат в корп
Fidelas Constans Strat-op's
The Volition Cult ceo mail
Elemental Tide CTA NOW IN EFFECT
Shadow of xXDEATHXx Re: Пустые коры 10\10
Shadow of xXDEATHXx Пустые коры 10\10
Curatores Veritatis Alliance Reminders
Wings Wanderers Roum/Роум 19 00 - 19 30 EVE time
Sixth Empire Standard Wardec Procedures
Ironworks Welcome New Corps
ChaosTheory. Capital Pilots #2
Bright Side of Death 18.01.2017 [21:30 МСК (сбор) (18:30 ET)] мачалко-иглы
The Volition Cult POCOs and Astrahus
Sev3rance ===| WE ARE AT WAR |===
Warped Intentions please read link
The Volition Cult North Catch defense needs a few more players: HELP
ChaosTheory. Capital Pilots !
Minmatar Lives Matter. Wormhole/POS life
Ironworks Worm hole Trouble
Drop the Hammer Intel & Form-Up Channels
ChaosTheory. Alliance Tournament - Sort Of!
Brotherhood of Spacers Why Not Buy Here
Integritas Constans Cheap Ships
Shadow of xXDEATHXx Capitals
Elemental Tide Important Fleet Tomorrow
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