2017-01-08 20:35:00
nice work so far dudes,
xant keep mails flowing, and all of you who stocked up on entosis boats, keep handing them out. every node is a fight and a chance. every system saved, ihub dropped slows them down. your home, your sov, your fleet.
IF needed use the srp toons, they pay out quick, and get a new ships. I just watched just let it happen lose 3 titans, this catch war and the south is on fire, and it doesnt show signs of slowing down. And yet that volt griffin runs around :), entosis caracal on the ball.

what i liek best is the comms, comrads, calm and humor versus losses or despair. Keep rasiign indexes, entosising every node you see, stocking and fitting ships. v-3 isnt over, and catch stands in this storm. Co2 and test &fcon and tri and lumpy and god knwos who, give it all as they on a time race to gain solid null sec. 40 man volt fleets chasing or running, doesnt matter Kill: AleksandrSnorkevich (Sleipnir) just now, guerilla strike force at it again.

cant ask more offall of you, i know its confusing, but get in fleet , ask your ceo me, or any fc help if u need it, support the SW fleets, dug for ossim bomb runs, and trive in the middle of the storm.

thnx dudes!
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