2017-01-09 09:59:00
Just forwarding this for everyone to have a read and hopefully get behind if you are based in highsec and want to earn some extra iskes!

The Incursion Project
From: Jais MNTL
Sent: 2017.01.09 09:57
To: Larkness,

Incursions are PVE Sites were we get into sansha sites to kill sansha enemies and Get Paid for that service.....Incursions consists of 3 Sized Sites
1-Vanguard Sites(Minimum of 2 Logi's and 6 DPS)(10mIL pAYOUT)
2-Assault Sites(Minimum of 16 Players 5 Logi's and 11 Dps)18 Mil payour
3-HQ Sites(Minimum 25 players)30Mil Payout
Mostly Cruisers And Battleships are Used For Incursions....IF U are Armor fleet then u use armor tanked ships with armor skilled character
Oneiros - VG Guard - AS/HQ Oneiros - AS/HQ
DPS SHIPS - Megathron - VG Apocalypse - VG Tempest - VG Megathron - AS/HQ Apocalypse - AS/HQ Tempest - AS/HQ

Vindicator - VG Vindicator - AS/HQ Nightmare - VG
Nightmare - AS/HQ Machariel - VG Machariel - AS/HQ

Kronos - VG Kronos - AS/HQ Paladin - VG Paladin - AS/HQ

Every Player in the Fleet Have all Resists above 60% If not ur ship will get Doomed faster,,,,
A Fleet is Controlled By an FC Who will give the orders to shoot move and If there are Booster ships available then we will have boosts also in the Fleet...

For any Other Further Infos...PM Me
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