2017-01-10 07:18:00
[06:21:17] Karasuma Akane > If you are interested in selling fortizars/astrahaus in the region of CATCH we are open to offers. Please email VilyScrub/ProgodlegendRagemaster/GigxTurd and your offer will be processed. Sale offers below Jita will be given priority.

^This is horse shit.^

Do not fall for this Jita style scam. I am sure they will double your ISK too...

If you fear losing assets, simply put them in a Volition Cult or Soviet-Union citadel. If the citadel is blown up your assets can be moved to another citadel/station in system, or get a free delivery to lowsec.

Thank you Xantarus Xeres for your inspirational words!
May these links support!

I have Strong Resolution level V trained. And I never use skill extractors.
Training Being Even More Stubborn level V atm.

- Lord Bistro Ullr , Freyja Ullr

Who we are
From: Xantarus Xeres
Sent: 2017.01.09 23:03
To: The Volition Cult,

Hello friends,

1/ Who we are

I am Mr Nobody, but today I would like to share my little point of view.

What are we ? We are Volt. Each and every one of us. Volt means freedom. Freedom means we are free to leave whenever we want. We are here because we like it. We are here because we meet each others. Quite a number of us have met in real. We had drinks, restaurant, we explored the real parts of our space co-pilots.

2/ Some facts

Since last summer, we fought Lumpy. 5 weeks of strong defense, fact is that we didn't lose any sov structure.

We then fought Vanguard Coalition. Just read on Reddit that they won it. I'm glad i read Reddit, i had not noticed. Not a single system lost during that second war.

Some may have noticed we are now facing a third war. In 9 days, our ennemies have created dozens of timers (I stoped counting), using hundreds and thousands of ships. We won 90% of these timers. Not a single Volt system was lost. Not a single Volt station was lost. 3 Volt Ihubs were destroyed, and replaced by Volt. Today, all Volt timers were won again (good job guys!)

Coalition wise, two systems were lost, two Ihubs destroyed, and a station.

3/ Human Feelings

Yes, we are facing a challenge. Yes, the ennemy might outnumber us. You are in your ship, you see the numbers of ennemies climbing in local. Are you afraid ? Yes. Good! This is normal, it means that you are healthy.

Now, look at your co-pilot on the left. He is a Berliner, he came by bus to Amsterdam to meet you. Look to your co-pilot on the right. He came from Wisconsin to meet you, remember that nice restaurant. Check your squad commander's name. He is from Anvers, remember he was the one with the super early alarm clock at first day light. Now, you see friendship in their eyes, they are smiling back to you. You are all one, you are Volt, and you feel good.

This time, look in front of you. You see the ennemy. You look at him straight in the eyes, in the white of his eyes, with respect and determination. Now, you know it : you will hold the line, whatever their numbers. You feel your Komrad at your side, it gives you confidence. You fight for your friend, with your friend, for your territory, for your assets.

They can outnumber us, we have strong determination. Let's keep our spirit clear of any drama, let's listen to fcs. You act with your brain, you are being proactive, you launch fleet, you defend each and every timer that appears, avoiding the ennemy blob, being smart.

4/ My assets

That red pilot you're loking straight in the eye, he is making a mistake. He thinks we will give him everything we have. He is proposing to buy our assets, our soul. One of them mailed to buy space stuff from my corp. Well, that guy is dreaming. Me and my corpmates, i only speak for my corp of course, we are in agreement : no way. We will rather watch each and every of our assets burn in fire one by one. Each timer we will try to defend whenever possible, each timer will be reported. Ennemy will have to grind down one by one. Resisting we shall : this is our mission young padawans !

5/ Skill Training Plan

If you followed Alliance Centralized Skill Plan, you have now reached Strong Resolution level V. This allows us to start training "Being even more stubborn", it is advised to also train this skill to level V.

Final Victory is getting closer !

See you,
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