2017-01-10 21:34:00
hi reddit, reds, blues, haters and lovers,
We have had a CEO meet and people infleet also been informed of recent events regarding the kicking of PEKA and their sale of citadels to our attackers. (who i dont blame for buying, i would do too). its our ex frends who decided isk outweights frendship and dint wantto look into other options with us. No matter how you try to spinn that, betrayal is betrayel. We entrusted them to anchor citadels privately owned. this was their answer. But, its EVE and the depth of betrayal makes EVE what it is.

Whilst it is true i had a good chat with vily we stay loyal too our cause and frends. We once fought a war, not so long ago against lumpy, where we stood our ground for 6 weeks, aftehr which i made a deal with atlan, brokered and asked for by our SW allies, and you guys asked me never to do that again. You guys said you ratehr go down fighting, lose alot of dead weight and carve a new home, loyal too who we are, as frendship rises above sov. Ofwhich we have had to many anyway from that peacedeal. and yes we trusted again people who betrayed that trust. However imo its all a man has, the ability to trust someone and the honour to live up too it.

I have not forgotten those words, nor the promise i made. We signed that mental pact as allaince and frends, we entered the tri/fcon war and kept on top, and now our pilots are out there , countering a wave off attackers, well flood maybe in this winter war/casino war 2.0/traitor war, whatever. We stay loyal to our allies, help defend, fill fleets and shoot what we can as we have done so far. we drop ihubs, and bombs, ossim is on patrol right now till there is no more to patrol. Eve knows no death, and if you are willing nor this alliance and its frendship, be it 2000 man or 400, if those 400 survived this war with us, thenwe are truly bloodbrothers.

last summer i stood in italy with 32 ossim dudes, proud and happy, at evesterdam i stood with 23 volt dudes, proud and happy. And whatever happens here, proud and happy of the frends we made and lost, rl and in EVE. I am produ of every step we took. Peopel who say, "shoudltn have left provi" have no clue what drove us, and what we did. We killed titans, fielded 300 + volt fleets and been spearheading very awsome fights and for 7 months tried to carve our way, because its hard, u win or fail doesnt mean you shoudlnt try. fuck living behind the geraniums (dutch saying)

So we stand our ground, Non essential stuff should be pulled out either by conventional ways. or trough safety ( u can get assets out too low sec when the ciatdel is still anchored by rgihtclickign items in the personal assets window. that way your bulky stuff and non pvp shit can be left without a wurry parked or in safety. We keep running fleets. We took the advice at heart of burning out HC and xantarus is invited to join HC, also as apreciation for all the work he does. You all knwo him well from fleets, entosis and updates. Whenever soemoen is beign bashed on reddit lits means he must have doen something right;)

To all fc, no surrender, fuck selling and deal in a war,a, lets find honour in death and get blobbed :)
many timers too come, fights to be had, i promised you all content, and behold, i delievered

love love volt, fuck sov
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