2017-01-10 23:05:00
o7 all

This matter is starting to anoy me.
For a lot of time i never colected ESS contribs cuz there's always someone that likes the extra 5% bonus and gets pissed wen it gets colected.

I got stolen several times and kept my mouth shut. if the last guy can't remember to collect it it's everyone else problem. So for some weeks now, everytime i finish ratting for the day i go and collect MY bounties.

I will not listen to the folowing arguments:

I like ratting with 5% - not my problem
This is "insert corp" system. your a guest. Leave - It say's Solyaris Chtonium on top of the system, so, once more, not my problem

Losing my bounties is my problem and no one else seems to care for it.
ESS theft is part of the cause for some systems being perma camped.
ESS is kinda stupid to me and causes more disharmony betwen ally mates then it helps. But not everyone has to have my opinion. But if you see me ratting in a system that has an ess expect it to be collected at anytime.

Sry for the inconveniance but this matter is starting to be realy anoying to me.

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