2017-01-11 01:53:00
Hey guys, just wanted to send out a quick alliance mail to let everyone know that my alt has started doing Amarr FW stuff on the side, usually around downtime when things are super quiet in WH space.

I may keep her there, I may send her to null until we can recruit more graveyard time players. Ultimately I want to bring her in here and fly her RR'ing with Ciez to farm C4/C5s (anyone is welcome to join once I start that!)

Anyways, since Amarr is winning so hard right now the LP has been rolling in quickly. I wanted to offer you guys a steep discount on anything in the 24th Imperial Crusade LP store:

I think the way it will work is this:

You tell me what you want, I calculate the price and see if that is reasonable to you (It will be market price of anything I have to buy to turn in + 500 ISK / LP [rather than the normal ~1,000+ / LP]. Once you agree to the price I'll purchase everything up front and either contract to you in Jita or Amarr OR I can bring it into the WH and receive payment then.

Already have an order for an Armageddon Navy Issue which will eat up most of my current LP, but I am happy to farm more if you guys need things like implants, BPCs, navy cap boosters, imp navy ammo/drones, etc.

Another good place to check:
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