2017-01-11 09:19:00
Good show to all involved.



Fleet Report
From: Spoz Virtus
Sent: 2017.01.10 23:08
To: Elemental Tide,

TL;DR - Op Success, POS Saved, and afterwards many reds were killed! Amazing turnout by Elemental Tide!

Firstly thank you to all who turned up to help defend our tower. In a COALITON fleet of 110 we had about 50 MENTL members! The show of force was amazing and we easily achieved the operational objectives!

Afterwards I wanted some action so we reshipped to (mostly) T1 frigates and destroyers with just one command destroyer. We numbered about 30 (again a lot from alliance)

We roamed Catch and avoided a large T3 Cruiser gang. We then moved into V-3 and got chased by a 20+ man T3 destroyer gang (direct counter to us). Through a bit of luck we caught the edge of them with a micro jump field while they were chasing us and killed 3 of them separated from their gang!

Heretic 84m Kill: Failie (Heretic)
Confessor 67m Kill: Kuno Akachi (Confessor)
Jackdaw 70m Kill: metallithon (Jackdaw)

While warping around a Dominix warped to within 100km of us so we jumped onto it. Turns out he was smartbomb fit, but either our jump caught him by surprise or he was really bad as we melted him before he killed too many of us:
Dominix 237m Kill: TERRA Plan (Dominix)

Finally a rupture also arrived 100km from us aligned to the sun - we all approached and jumped to him via MJFG and tackled before he knew what hit him.
Splatted Rupture 40m Kill: Griegz (Rupture)

On the way home a Caracal played some gate games with us - but died as some of us had sensibly not agressed and were ready on the other side.
Caracal 26m Kill: Irenia Tsurpalen (Caracal)

By the time we got home (after being chased by a T3 Cruiser whose tank we couldnt break) we were at about half our original number - not bad for a cheap roaming fleet!

Final score:
454m killed

Again thanks all for coming, mail me for any T1 losses for SRP. You wont get this until tomorrow now though.

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