2017-01-11 14:52:00
Great job Ragnar!!

I'm happy for kukki Zhu and CptMcfly Ronuken .

Sotiyo Down!
From: Ragnar STS
Sent: 2017.01.11 02:05
To: Ushra'Khan,

I would like to announce the immediate freedom and repatriation of kukki Zhu and CptMcfly Ronuken's sisters! They were previously sold into Amarr slavery and were being moved about through treacherous Caldari space through a private station to avoid CONCORD and other prying eyes. Apparently, though slavery is considered legal, what they were doing to them was beyond even a regular dirty Caldari's stomach.

Because of dirty highsec navy, I was only able to reliably get in with a lowly reaper. At first the structure seemed impenetrable, and was totally going to stand. I overheated my tiny little reaper and gave my finger to the CONCORD captain as I overheated all the things and tipped the balance. Kill: Ragnar STS (Reaper) My ship went down, but my crew was still able to jettison to safety and the Sotiyo collapsed:

As you can see our new alliance members' sisters have been rescued and repatriated to Matar space. They are very appreciative of their new space hero (me):

Ragnar (Fingers) STS
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