2017-01-20 19:42:00

we are in war, we are winning fights and we are loosing a few. No matter what we are loosing ships sometimes and we are reimbursing them:

- as long as you loose an official doctrine fit
- as long its an official fleet
- as long its an hd fleet lead by approved corp fc using doctrine fits

Plz read the policies sometimes to remind yourself what we do and why.

Why that mail? We have a few new corps in FCON so call that an introduction or instruction. We have old members doing something wrong sometimes so call it a reminder.

FCON srp team is working on a lot of requests each day so what i ask you for is not to cheat or abuse the system. Dont use actual dashlinks (pings) for old losses. Don request srp for personal fits, dont request srp for single travel i.e. This causes a lot of more work for us because we are checking all details we get.

@Corporation CEOs: Plz add your corporation killlog only api to zkillboard. Killlog only means killmail only. Our system is fetching losses from zkill. If your loss is not there it will not be on our system.

If you have questions, write me an evemail or write a post to FCONs srp mailer. We will answer you as fast as we can.

Torx Sigma
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