2017-01-21 01:56:00
Hailz All,

This year will be our 1st full year for the WANGS alliance. In the tradition of pushing us to get better. I have put a list of goals together. I hope these goals will solidify us as an alliance and give us a foundation to grow on. I wanted to keep the goals simple and focus on forming a better alliance. Below is a list of the goals that I would like to see us achieve.

1.) One organized and advertised alliance Blops fleet per month. Blops is a powerful tool. Currently one we have never really use to our advantage. This is really simple you don't need Blops Battleships or Recons. Bomber will work just fine. Getting everyone together, organized, and capable will serve us well in the future.

2.) Four T1 cruiser down fleets per month. Most will say hey we do this all the time and you are correct. However we are not advertising and organizing these like we have in the past. Now we flash form the majority of the time. I would like to see these set up on Fleet-Up well in advance and organized. This way it gives our pilots no excuses for not getting that content.

3.) Alliance monthly Zkill efficiency above 85%. Yes this will push us to becoming a better alliance. I know performance goals can be a burden. However you are either getting better or you have accepted that you are fine with where you are at. When we are the top alliance in the game I might be satisfied. Maybe!

4.) Zkill alliance active pilots in a 7 day window above 180 consistently. We need to grow a little. Either both member corps need to grow or we have to take more corps into the alliance. Honestly i would like to see both but finding corps to join the alliance is going to be harder then the members corps growing. I am not willing to introduce cancer into the alliance. I am happy with the no drama atmosphere!

5.) A functioning alliance intel wing with someone managing it. We all gather intel. We all scan for WH's. Individually we all have little pieces to the puzzle. However we need to put this all together and organize it. We are missing out on a lot of stuff because we don't currently. I want to see this fixed.

Overall I am happy with the direction of the alliance. I do believe we need to get better. We are a mid tier alliance in size and capability. I want us to become a top tier alliance. What we get done with 259 alliance members is remarkable. However with improvement we can do much more. Everyone in Eve needs to fear WANGS!

Tek Stalker and the WANGS management Team
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