2017-01-21 18:32:00
VOLT, High Command, Alliance Members, Friends and Smurfs,

MXC has made the heavy decisions to find a new home among the stars, and will be leaving VOLT before the weekend is over. We want to thank all of you for the years of fun, friendship, drama, carebearing, pvp, but most importantly for being the place where MXC grew up from just a corp of me and my alts.

We have shared some epic experiences, from downing titans and super caps, to welping whole fleets with a single bombing run. We have dropped suppers, caps, blops, pvp'd until we had nothing left but a pod to bump our enemies into obvlian. Our industrialists kept us alfout, and we carved out our own little history and adventure in Catch.

There is nothing we can be more proud of.

Eve is a game, and that game dictated by cycles of prosperity and recession. A period of hardship has come to us all, but I applaud the efforts of every individual that has stuck with it until the bitter end. We had betrayals and poor decisions alike, but we had our adventure and it was one hell of a run. In the end- fuck them all- it was our adventure and we owned it.

The future for VOLT is bright, it might be a different color light, but it still shines the same. Thats the thing about eve, so long as you have the will to continue on, no ammount of lost sov, stations, or citadels can ruin you. Your pod is eternal, and as long as you hop in a ship and head out for content - no one can take the experience away.

Good luck to all of you in your new adventure into Querious and beyond, I have no doubt we will all see eachother again soon... no matter the end of the gun we are staring down.


Tribuni / 5ick Boy / Paraclese ... or howewver you may have known me.
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