2017-01-21 21:07:00
he dudes,
i just flew too UVHO-F , its nice to arrive in uncontested space, filled local with 60 dudes of which most are in sapce atm, and along the way all sorts of activity.
expansiion aroudn the corner, its closing doors and openign new onces. If u havent made the trip, jump in the ceptor and start jumping.u can set clone in UVHO-F

over the next days gear, caps, citadels and hopefully a market will start to appear and ops will start to decorate our home, your home.
i am excited for a new chapter and like to thank al of those that worked for this sov and our previous. We lost soem frends, and tbh this is the time u have a look with your corp if you are where you want to be. We wish all of them goodluck, whereever they are.

i hear niki bitchign at the authentication server atm, so i guess the forum is a few days away :) be gentle with him, he works hard and shoudl soon be fixed ;), lookign for some canes and then a fleet or 2, or 3 and more:)
keep moving, and cu soon in querious, nassau
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