2017-01-22 01:46:00
Feroxes are serving us great and we slightly updating them based on players experience and input you have given us. This is simple Ferox update, but it is also an expansion of the Ferox doctrine.

New Fit: ♞ Ferox v1.5
Old Fit: ♞ Ferox v1.4
Doctrines affected: DOCTRINE 2,1615.msg14150.html#msg14150

Boosters added for Feroxes
♞ Bifrost Boost3 v1.0 ♞ Stork Boost3 v1.0,194.msg1224.html#msg1224

Logi added for Feroxes - same ol Osprey
♞ Osprey v1.1

Update reason:
More buffer was requested, but we also keeping the ammo selection and extended range profile.
Main reason we doing ths is to expand the versatility of usage of the Ferox even further as well as adding less expensive booster ships and T1 logi on grid. As you can imagine, we will make the Ferox more widely available next to more FCs in this doctrine configuration. This should help to address the deficit in logi in fleets and command burst we have experienced. To further address this, since the new ferox is cheaper we are lowering bit the SRP for the mainstream dps Ferox, and we are significanlty increasing SRP for the command destroyers, as well as dictors. So all support ships & logi in this doctrine are 100% SRPable.,472.msg3735.html#msg3735
Read all details in forum.

Special Note:
All new stocks to new specs. v1.4 is still OK till all blown up.
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