2017-01-22 05:11:00
This makes me hard.

Wartime Provisions report
From: Celestia Via
Sent: 2017.01.21 20:47
To: Ushra'Khan,


Scope: Auga VIII - Moon 2 - Republic Fleet Assembly Plant

Availability: Alliance contracts

Subject Items:

-> Tribal Hunter x10
Class: Breacher (wmd+web+scram hunter)
Notes: Can easily be converted into this, excellent brawler

-> Tribal Skirmisher x10
Class: Breacher (kiting)
Notes: Cheryl Taylor approved

-> Tribal Brute x10
Class: Thrasher (artiillery)
Notes: "Squad!... Fire!"

General info : These ships are there to be used! Grab them, use them
and if you like them grab another. I will keep restocking to the best of
my ability.
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