2017-01-22 16:14:00
# Camping the campers


This morning some of the guys in our alliance reached out over our discord channels over the fact that all systems are now pretty much camped by dropping cloakies.

We had problems with this before and a strategy at the time that worked “half”.. the half part being the fact that we were sitting in the system with only the warped guys (a 20 man gang at the time, with only 4 pvp’ers). but with the combined numbers of MENTL, W4RP, a swish of CVA and other parties around this could be very doable.

It’s just a concept, but it might work, so hang with me.
The concept: flash-flooding

We pick a system that is deep in the pocket and way in our possibilities to defend. 18XA-C is therefore just perfect.

Every blue party anchors a pos with a ship array sitting 7 kilometers above the pos tower in the forcefield (if they haven’t already) in system. I know citadels are there, but docking up, reshipping, waiting and undocking takes to long.

When logging in and before starting to rat/mine/etc. a pilot drops:
- A bomber
- Either a thrasher, talwar (talwars eat enemy bombers) or confessor/t3 dessie
on his or her POS

You then send a mail to your alliance (like you always do) describing how we are all going to mine rat and do things in max 1 or 2 systems for a few days. and explain to people that they need to put 2 ships on their POS and bookmark the ship array.

Spies will do their normal business and leak shit to our enemies. if the droppers are discouraged, they will just leave from shear intel only.

If not, then the fun starts! if you go doing something in the ring, you must be available to bring an alpha dessie or bomber. so everyone joins in here (that’s hard and it will not happen, but more numbers more merrier anyway). everybody resumes their normal business (with some mods to ships maybe to survive a few seconds extra)

- A dropper starts tackling person A
- Person A shits his pants, hits his shield buttons and writes “xxx” in fleet
- Everybody starts warping to their bookmarked pos
- The dropper then drops. this is the hard part. Person A needs to specify if either “bombers” or “blops” are being dropped in chat.
- People are still in warp or landing on the pos.
a: if bombers were called, they reship in their dessies t3dessies
b: if blops were called, they reship to bombers
- People then warp to person A (the first 3 or so aligning only until 3 are aligned and ready, when the first folks are in warp they type “omw [linked person A here]” in fleet) and preheat.
- In case of Blops be at 50 km in bomber, in case of bombers be at 0 in a thrasher.
- a quickly decided FC starts calling shots starting with those who point, so the tackled person can warp his expensive ship off
- Melt a few, get killed maybe, have the droppers crap their pants.
- if the tackled person made it out, have him go to pos and reship too… it really sucks to die at the hands of someone who you just dropped on in a different ship… we can bake salt there.

The ISK war will be on our side, The stress for those who dropped on us will be high. they will either invest in bringing a titan to losec, just to spread salt on us. or they will realize that any other pocket in Provi is not as prepared as us and go there instead.

That’s more or less the idea, I’d love to hear your idea on this… to make it work though all parties need to be able to reship without timers in a POS (plus “renters” having posses will also make way for compressor arrays allowing instadrop-off to clear the fields from jetcans).

Fly safe,

// Lorik
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