2017-01-23 06:36:00
Hailz All,

I wanted to take a few to talk about an issue that becoming more and more of a problem. Common courtesy in general. Look organizing a Fleet is not an easy thing to do. So when you hop in fleet and TS3. Listen to what is needed. Help the FC out. Get in the ships he is asking you too. Shut the fuck up and let him do his thing to give us the best chance of winning our fights. Do not just jump in comms and start being disruptive. If you cant listen and follow directions. What are you add to the fleet? Slower form up times? Added confusion and distractions to other members in the fleet? Talking over the FC when he is trying to call targets or give directions. The answer is yes to all the above. We have that in spades right now. You want to be the FC fine then contact me and we will have a chat about that. Until that have some respect for you FC’s and alliance mates. Some fleets take days to plan and a lot goes into it. RESPECT that please. The FC’s have had to ability to boot our pilots from TS3 for being disruptive. I have not allowed them to do that until now! All I can say is if one of our FC’s has to boot a pilot from TS3. Expect me to freak the fuck out.

We are a team dudes an alliance. Lets act like one show each other some respect. I am sure their will be plenty of time for retard TS3 chatter. Treat each other the way you would like to be treated. Consider that someone is trying to organize something for our alliance. They are spending time setting something up to benefit us all. Lets clean up the cancerous TS3 chatter. Lets from fleets faster. Be a team player if someone ask for a ship type hope in it. If it's a doctrine ship fucking train for it. If you have no interest in any of this FDU is the place for you

Tek Stalker
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