2017-01-23 17:16:00
New TeamSpeak setup
From: ivan212666 WarKingdom
Sent: 2017.01.22 19:05
To: The Valiant Vanguard,

Follow instructions: register
- Make an account
2. Login with account.
3. add API key with Full no-expire
- FULL API key only works
- Blue is still not configured.
4. select primary / Main Character.
- now you are on the dashboard.
- you see your self.
5. Click services.
6. Click Teamspeak => orange button.
7. JOIN server, do not close the BROWSER.
8. When in SERVER pls click continue (registration will happening)
9. Bookmark Server, VOLT go to bookmarks
10. Done!

No1 will have rights to add Manual leadership / VOLT member status.
This is

P.S. if you need help poke me or Mara Jade Khardula

2nd p,s, the old ts well be going offline in the next 3 days so plz try and get on and over to new ts
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