2017-01-23 19:45:00

Linking to offensive content
From: GM Carpenter
Sent: 2017.01.19 18:00
To: Sierra Lotus,

Your character has been reported for posting a link to offensive content in your alliance biography. Our review of the biography has confirmed this. Posting links to offensive content is considered to be a violation of our EULA section 6.A.5 and 6.C. Also, please refer to our Terms of Service items 2 and 16.”

This is an official warning to cease such actions. We want to point out to our valued customers that repeated violations of our EULA will eventually lead to further action being taken against offending accounts, up to and including a termination of the license to access EVE Online. Please take the time and re-familiarize yourself with our policies here;

Should you wish to contest this warning then you may file a support ticket directly from the EVE Online website:

Please do not reply to this mail as it will not receive a response from Customer Support; we may only deal with an issue arising from this matter via the support ticket system.

Best regards,
EVE Online Customer Support
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