2017-01-23 20:58:00
Hello Brave,

TL,DR - This is the End: ALL Zansha Citadels and Engineering Complexes are being unanchored.

If you weren't aware, all Zansha structures in Fade are being unanchored. You have 7 Days to move assets/clones.

All non-combat rigs have already been pulled from these structures, so you will no longer be seeing the bonuses that each of these structures was setup for.
All facilities will be offlined in 5 Days, so don't install any new jobs which last longer than that.

Any assets still located in the structures when they are unanchored will fall under the asset safety mechanic.

Any clones located in the structures will be destroyed along with implants, so move them out.


Lyra Swift (aka A'talia)
Director of Zansha Industries
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