2017-01-25 05:36:00
Hello everyone!

Good news I’m pleased to announce the launch of an Alliance wide buy back programme!

We have a spreadsheet setup that will auto calculate what you have minus a 10% cut for alliance costs. If you would like to give a larger cut then there is an option for you to change the %cut to what ever you want. All profits are pumped back in to the kitty to keep the buy back programme alive!


Use the spreadsheet to calculate what you have make, the sheet auto updates from Jita best buy price. Use the tabs below to choose Ore/Salvage/PI

Choose the % cut you want to offer with a minimum of 10%. Setup a contract for said amount to alliance detailing the %cut in contract description and material type.

All contracts will be calculated before being accepted, the kitty is limited at the moment so if we get a huge influx of contracts not all them can be accepted.

I’m hoping over time this buy back programme will grow enabling everyone access to income. Please show your support, if you are able to offer a larger cut the quicker the kitty will grow and the more contracts we’ll be able to accept!

For Now enjoy the additional income and long may it continue!


Special thanks go to Sarah Vitilk for hours put in creating these great spreadsheets!
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