2017-01-25 12:28:00
he guys,
debate or discuss this on new forums, for now this is merely a message since not everyoen registered yet on new ts, forums, discord and eveything.

pocos in queirous in votl space:

1. nuke any non volt poco
2. put down your own or corp
3. tax midly 5 % woudl be the suggestion so u can earn your investment back

in the past we centralised , in the end we like to put responsibility back with you guys. if u tax too high, your alliance frend will go too the next poco. PI is needed for fuel, parts and too start our home up, and can make u a solid easy income. u tube holds many tutorials.

this is one example of how corporations will shape volt, as you guys always been our foundation where other allaicnes try to one size their allaince we believe individuals and identity matters, and in the unique mix of weirddom lies our strenght and niche. come language, gamestyle, sexual prefference, we are all nuts. We have a CEo meet friday as with mons we cant delievr this freedom, gotta provide some form of income wihotu forcing tax, so push your ceo to join up friday. With ccp making changes too moons this year who knows, maybe we looking at a behemoth old set up, but we ll see.

last night 100 of u registered, and 35 entosis boats & 2 fleets secured another station, we have a major market push and alot of you are also soon busy gettign items out of safety. thta will free up isk and gear, but in them eantime, stock, from machariel too cane, to logi and rorqual, build it. mine it. We are enjoying our new robinson crusoe experience, from scratch too titan in a year :) i hope you line up for it, install new comms and work with your corp and frends. i see alot of old timer and new bro gearing up and enjoying the new space and pace we role.

for our reddit lovers and haters, i saw we 99 % dead on the volt dead page, i vote put it at 102 % , we past that point, and aftehr 100, magic happens, we here too stay in the believe individuals and idientity matter and are the key to action, not cause its easy but cause its creates so much potential in people.

der, i said it, fuck hater,s long live peopel who believe and step up.

see u on forums soon, then these mails hold just a link. (if i can find the url for forums myself)
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