2017-01-25 16:42:00
Greetings everyone.

I am writing to you all to announce that in the following week and 2 the Manufacturing, research and invention service modules will be removed from our Fortizar in system.

This is because HotK is expanding into a Raitaru placed about 1000 km to the right of our Fortizar (you will see it set up within a week.)

That means the engineering service modules we have placed in the Fortizar will be moved to the Raitaru so we get better bonuses.

The corp is planning in the near future to expand to at least 3 Raitaru's in pashanai. And then in future expand to other systems. But that is a long term plan.

In addition HotK is planning to step into the citadel construction market.
Which means we save hundreds of millions and in some cases billions of isk.

This means larger buy orders for corp/alliance members so stay tuned.

The current plan is to take down manufacturing array in 3 days from now. (28-01-17 22:00 servertime)
The current plan is to take down research array in 10 days from now. (04-02-17 22:00 servertime)
The current plan is to take down invention array around 22:00 server time today.

If you currently have any jobs in the station that is taking longer than this please contact us and we might be able to extend the time. I highly recomend you do not set up new jobs that will last longer than the specified time else you will loose isk.

If your current job in station is far longer than specified Job I highly recommend you chancelling it.

In addition to this we will in the near future install a Clone Facility in the Fortizar for jump cloning purpose and so on.

Thanks for being understanding,
In addition I hope you enjoy the new station soonish and the highly reduced prices on everything you do.

Thanks for reading.
Best Regards,
Collaboration of Management in HotK and CEO.
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