2017-01-25 21:18:00
Hello fellow alliance members,

I wanted to announce to all of you that we have now started a brand new gaming community and are looking for people to help us build the gamining community. The community will start with servers very soon with games like:

and more!

We are looking for people to become community managers for games like world of war ships and warthunder and not limited to CSGO and more! If you are interested in starting a community under our banner please send me a mail! In febuary we will be coming out with a site to not only register on but also will have mini games on and tons of prizes that will be given out!

Now please do not mistake this as we are not in eve anymore, if anything its exactly opposite of that. We are creating this to allow everyone to feel more included in our community and to build up a group of people that enjoy not only playing eve but other games too!

Our primary communication service for this community will be discord, please respond if you would like to become one of the founding members and help us build it, also the discord link will be sent out after we get a few community managers to help us build the community up!

Alliance Exec/Community Chancellor
Kris Tyrell
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