2017-01-25 23:00:00

Between moving, RL,, Hollidays and many other factors... this Team has been put on the back burner. Triget brought to my attention just a few days ago that he has been contacted about if DW was still serious and if we had a team put together. So some of DW people have responded in the past to putting this team together and I am sorry that it got put on the back burner. But we are settleing down again and things are starting to get back to normal operations for many of us.

For all interesting in Joining or being apart of the DW Alliance Tourneament Team plz join me on DW alliance Comm's at 0030 Eve time Today. The meeting will be held in Resturant at the end of the universe channel.

I will take any names down that are interested trying to get at least 15 to 20 people to fill the roster for Main Team and alteranates. We will start with trying to organize a scheduale that works for all parties involved and work on what roles everyone wants to try and fill vs what roles they can fill.. so on and so forth.

Thank You all For Your Time
I know this meeting is short notice

Nelson R.
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