2017-01-26 03:58:00
Good evening everyone!
It's our great pleasure to release The Code is Forever #32, another action packed and thrilling entry in the venerable series. Perhaps one of the most varied compilations yet, be enthralled as a Raven meets it's demise, appalled as Moose Tracks claims to be capable of putting Kalorned in jail in real life, amazed as elite New Order Gamis Affiliates pilots lead an entire CODE. fleet to victory against multiple freighters in Uedama, tickled as a manticore explodes, and feel a huge sense of relief as you watch high sec be secured against an illegal Prophecy. I do so very much hope you find the video as entertaining as it was to produce!

Special thanks to agents Fiddly Pop, Bexol Regyri, pilots of the CODE. alliance, and agents of The New Order of High Sec for their contributions to some of the ganks featured in this video.

Happy space lanes, make sure to do your part and blow up a bot aspirant today!
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