2017-01-26 06:47:00
Hello Brave,

Dojo is now able to announce that all of our programs are back up and running in 9-4RP2 IV - Moon 2 - 7o Cloud Ring. That means that newbros can now request the following from us - please see the relevant wiki page for details on how to request your FREE stuff:

- Free Skillbooks for all your training needs (up to T1 battlecruiser and T2 frigates
- Free +1 implants to make your training go a little bit faster
- Free Taxi Interceptors to get around nullsec safely
- Free PI Command Centres & Epithals for all your Planetary Interaction needs
- Free Vexor Newbro Edition ("VNE") (plus other ratting cruisers for Alpha clones)
- Dojo Industry Program for budding manufacturers

Very new players should also make sure to Claim your Welcome Package on joining Brave.

For any questions you might have, you can find Dojo staff on Mumble (check our Dojo channel), on Slack, or in-game; join the Brave Dojo channel and ask whatever you like, there are no dumb questions.

7o and fly dangerous!

- Shei, Dojo Head
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