2017-01-28 08:37:00
Today I am going to announce a new doctrine for the Alliance. However we are going to do it with a twist. We are going to offer you a deal on the hulls and sub systems. We hope this promotional deal will persuade you to get into the new doctrine. We are going to make this offer for a limited time. We are going to limit each alliance member to 1 unit per order as to not take advantage of this offer. The SuperNova Proteus hull and sub systems are on sale for 290 million Isk. Thats well below Jita prices delivered to you right in Sujarento. Contact Searly1981 Searle and place your order today. Remember we are limiting this to one per alliance member. Get your Proteus and get ready for some ht T3C action. This deal will end on Feb 14th 2017 happy Valentine's Day!

Tek Stalker
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