2017-01-29 18:26:00
Greatings bros,

Here are the following alliance Strat Op and System Defence doctinres. Abaddon fleet will be used for the first time in 2 weeks when we start making out first waves here in the QFC. So plz have urself set up with 1-2 ships for each comp. Newbros (under 10m SP) we will be having u guys in things like Vigils because ull be the most effective in them for these comps:

Abbadon Fleet:
Abaddon - Fleet (Blood Raider Skin a must)
Armageddon - Fleet
Scorpion - Fleet
Loki - Fleet
Oneiros - Fleet
Guardian - Fleet (Primary Logi)

Ferox Fleet:
Ferox - Fleet
Lachesis - Fleet
Huginn - Fleet
Scimitar - Fleet

Caracal Fleet:
OsNI - Fleet
Caracal - Fleet
Bellicose - Fleet
Scythe - Fleet

Oracle Fleet:
OsNI - Fleet
Oracle - Fleet
Lachesis - Fleet
Huginn - Fleet
Scimitar - Fleet

Heretic - Fleet
Heretic - S-Fleet
Flycatcher - Fleet
Sabre - Fleet

Broadsword -Fleet
Devoter - Fleet

KEY NOTE, MUST READ !!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to fly a ship, but cant use a T2 mod on it. Just replace it with a Meta 3 or 4 mod of the SAME TYPE in its place.
Caracal - Fleet
Caracal - T1 RLML

Mil. Dir.
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