2017-01-29 20:33:00

Re: FW: Re: FW: Delivery Reciept
From: Dr Anonymous
Sent: 2017.01.29 20:32
To: Ren Kane, SsjGhost,

Due to the lack of appropriate compensation being offered we have no choice but too progress with legal action.

I enclose photographic evidence of the crime scene.

As you can see we think the evidence against you is compelling.

Kind Regards



Re: FW: Re: FW: Delivery Reciept
From: SsjGhost
Sent: 2017.01.29 16:12
To: Dr Anonymous,

Good Doctor,

Thank you for bringing this to the attention of my employer. I was not supposed to be out today as I was on the rota to clean the toilets in TKL but, not being happy with the task assigned, I stole a Hound and went for a jolly.

I have already been contacted by members of my corp and they dont sem to have realised the toilets are still in a God-awful mess following the annual "WiNGSPAN Curry-Off 2017" event last night so hopefully now, I will make it back in time to get started!

Kind regards,


Re: FW: Delivery Reciept
From: Dr Anonymous
Sent: 2017.01.29 15:57
To: Ren Kane,

To whom it may concern,

I regret to inform you that your delivery driver have been extremely careless and has crashed into our wormhole causing significant damage and then fled the scene of the accident without leaving his details.

Kill: SsjGhost (Hound)

Kill: SsjGhost (Capsule)

As im sure you are aware it is a criminal offence to leave the scene of an accident but we are willing to overlook this so long as the correct compensation is forthcomming.

Kind regards


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