2017-01-29 22:31:00

Sorry for the late BR for Saturday, I was up until 9 AM (23 hrs straight) my time the day of the fleet, catching about 3 hrs of sleep before I started form. And the fleet went on to 7 PM my time. Bad decision on my part, but the BR must go on!!

So, the fleet began with a strong form of over 40 people. We roamed around for about 40 mins, catching a random Hecate who wished he was not in provi. Thankfully we were there to oblige. Sadly, provi actually turned completely clear at that point. A fleet goer suggested we [REDACTED] as there are spies in P-FLEET and many other channels we advert in. Heeding his advice, we [REDACTED], and yes Rayor, we did catch someone :P

Shortly after [REDACTED] the reds slowly came back, but another opportunity presented itself. Space Jam! started forming!! I got in contact with the leader [REDACTED] and informed him of our [REDACTED]. I told the fleet we would fly to Space Jam!'s form system and then merge with Space Jam!. OH BOY WAS THAT A GOOD DECISION. So good it kept me up 6 more hours on 3 hours of sleep and no caffiene!! So many people experienced elements of Null Security PVP they had never dreamed of experiencing. I quote:

GenericSoldier > I've been playing for a day and i'm flying about without fully knowing what i'm doing and now theres a dildo infront of me

Nothing like coming back from a long ass hiatus and seeing a big black space dildo!!

After some time riding the dildo train, we left with many billions of isk worth of kills, I got my first 10x Killmark on my Chimera, we engaged a few large fleets and made Null sec great again. Most importantly we all had fun. Thanks everyone who attended and thanks Yankee for accepting our band of misfits into the mortal coil of Mandingo's need to kill all reds.

<3's shits, and giggles

P.S here's the KM's I got
Kill: Gridd DK (Hurricane)
Kill: barkaway (Omen Navy Issue)
Kill: Nostos Astrodon (Caracal)
Kill: Balder Shadow (Raptor)
Kill: Rhamuk Dex (Falcon) (I hate falcons, I always shoot them first.)
Kill: Lacanau Cunilingus (Sentinel)

P.P.S Redacted means hi EVESkunk
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