2017-01-30 17:48:00
Michael Stiglmayr‎
EVE Online
6 mins ·

Ok, now I don't get suprised very often but today, well it was one those days. I went and visited my father and was prepared to be bored to death about his sailing and fishing antics. I invinted him to lunch and as expected he started talking about his sailing boat. Then he paused and asked me about EvE Online. I kinda went huh? I told him that haven't loged in recently due to time issues. He said , he thought so, since I haven't responed to his donation yet. I was like Dad , what are talking about ? Well, the story goes I bought my father a new computer last year and some games he might like CiV and Fishing Master. Back then he asked me what I was playing and I told him about EvE. Had my Laptop with me and loged in and showed him the game. Back then he didn't seemed impressed, so I thought. The old man created an account in November played the tutorial , got bored with spaceships but was quite taken with the economic aspect of the game. he was a broker for over 40 years so Excel and Market movements are like his second nature and he started station trading. He sent me 30 billions isk with the note " Have fun blowing stuff up." After lunch we rushed back to his place he loged in and he showed me his account. Not only that but pages full of market predictions, graphs and all kind of stuff I don't really understand. I looked at him kinda confused he just smiled and said: " I love it." Fuck me, my Dad plays EvE.
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