2017-01-30 20:03:00
We will make PB Again! & We in EVENEWS24 - Again!

As you all are aware, we are in a major war escalation with PL. One of our battles made it in the EVE24 NEWS AGAIN!

Some of our battles are in process of being published so we will be again in EVE24 soon as well.
We are now officially in a war with PL and are in a process of preparing a coordinated war effort with our allies for best response , both for defense and for attack against PL.

How? Just like we did last time with CFC, but in a much more organized fashion. Death by 1000 cuts! Organization like PL will feel the pain but only if bleeding becomes unsustainable. And for that we need to hit the TRILLION ISK threshold like we did it with our Goonies friends, over and over again. We will have the FUN, we will have the ISK, and we will PREVAIL. Actually, we will become much more stronger, much more powerful, and wealthier out of this war, strategy and details which will be forthcoming.

In the few engagements so far against our PB residents, we have seen that PL can indeed bleed, and they can bleed HARD. Just to give you an idea how hard they can bleed in the past week: 13BIL,1969&b=7392841&e=150&t=qb 30BIL another 30BIL another 37BIL,1969&b=7398421&e=270&t=rbb 6BIL

As you can see 125+BIL in losses in a single week. On top of this, PL is losing rapidly all their R64 moons in Venal as well influence across the entire eve community. It is quite flattering to us that such an "elitist" alliance has shown so much interest in our corner of space where mush smaller and weaker entities live and thrive, dropping fleets of rorquals and supers on T1 miners. Just remember not so long ago PL's war against Co2 and all will be clear to you - they could not even put on grid supers, not even once against Co2 without help from their big father NC. LOL.

Anyway, this is only the beginning. We will be again and again in EVE24 with so much content coming our way, you better be prepared to have some major fun. We all have experienced explosive corp growth in the past 3-6 months. Get ready for more recruits inbound to MOA, both on corp and alliance levels since content creation will go in overdrive.

Only the weak will cut and run. The brave will collect the PL scalps and will be victorious. We dealt in the past with the gigantic and most powerful coalition in EVE, the CFC, and we made them bleed till their final eviction. We can surely deal with an alliance that is 10 times smaller and weaker then CFC.

We are going to build a wall and make PL pay for it.

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