2017-01-30 21:27:00
Hi All,

We are at war Shinobu Hirosaki Corporation from 15.43 on the 31/01/2017 this is a strange war dec and some prat has got his knickers in a twist over a shattered wormhole J000726 so we are implementing the 2 is 1, one is none rule. This essentially means no one is permitted to go out looking for kills by themselves because you'll have a much higher chance of winning a duel with a partner opposed to solo.

Don't fly anything you cannot afford or else I will be mad. You don't want me mad.

Basic war rules apply, Always have local chat open, make sure ships are insured.

Please note we also require all members to join TeamSpeak

Here is a useful guide to a high sec wars

Rules of War

1. If you undock with a ship it is already dead. You will lose ships and if you cannot replace the current one you are flying you should not undock.

2. No Mining, Missions, Incursions, or any other conduct that is not made for violent efforts. No matter what you are doing if you do it you will eventually be scanned down and killed so don't do it.

4. Fit your ships appropriately for the fight we are conducting. is a great resource to find fits for any type of fleet/ship.

5. Use an alt on the same account to scout your travel before conducting it. Set the enemy to red before doing so. Remember gate camps/station camps can happen even while switching characters and you are never safe.

6. Make money. Just because you are in war doesn't mean you cannot make money. Simple margin trading in the same station is a good way to continue to flow in ISK while being station camped.

7. Keep updated intel of any targets at all times. This should include any known alts, ships they are known to fly and what they fly most often.

8. Use alts to track down and zero in on your targets. Strike swiftly and return to safety as soon as possible.

9. Remember your timers, they will save you from an incompetent Fleet Commander's actions.

10. Update your clone. Always have a destination set for a system you are not in (as a nice orange target on your UI/Overview. When your ship is close to dying spam the warp to button until your pod is away. Secure your pod in a station ASAP. Pods warp instantly so you should never lose one post battle.

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