2017-01-31 18:18:00
People of the Empire,

Hello my fellow Pilots!
My Name is Kirito Kazi. Many know me as Cercis. I am the Ceo of Cruisers Crew, a dedicated pvp lowsec corporation.

We are very excited to be here, our invitation by Alex has been answered, and our presence here will herald in a new age of combat training, alliance focus, and military Objectives.

A little about myself, ive been playing eve for about 8+ years and have been FC'ing just as long. My Carrer is in The Canadian Armed Forces as a Sailor. My Favourite thing in eve is PVP and as such i have been appointed to lead this Alliance in All military objectives and Obligations. My corp is very experienced and Knowledgeable. You will find great council here.

Some Things i will organize for all of you:

**Training Ops (including sisi server)
**Joint ops
**NPSI Ops (other entities)
**Escelations/counter escelations
**Black Ops
**Capital Training
**Alliance Start Ops

These are some examples of what i have in mind for members of the alliance who wish to pvp.

I look forward to Meeting with Ceo's and Directors who wish to be organized and focused as we begin to Centralize our goals and Military capabilities.

To our future....All Hands on Deck!

Your SkyFleet Admiral,

Kirito Kazi
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