2017-02-01 05:02:00
Hello Loves,

Here is my overview in eve i'v been using for a good while.
Made some final tweaks as a request. Tought you all might be intrested.

May be you didn't have time.
May be you didn't know how yet.
May be you have not found a friend that gave you a Overview.
*This is for you.

Here is How it looks:
Here is the Preset List:

Klick ALL Z-S links from the TOP, [NOT reversed].
1st Z-S v2.6 Core

2nd Z-S v2.6 PvE Extended

3rd Z-S v2.6 PvP Basic

4th Z-S v2.6 PvP Extended (1/2)

5th Z-S v2.6 PvP Extended (2/2)

6th Z-S v2.6 Friendly Extended

7th Z-S v2.6 8-Tab Standard

Final: Z-S Daylight★

If you want your old Overview back look at this Picture:


Your Old Overview:
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