2017-02-01 16:49:00
Hey guys, I wanna do some roams into FW space for more content.
And I was hoping to get a way for ppl to maybe move one jumpclone to Bosboger as well as some smaller ships.

Im hoping we can get enough ppl (at least 6-7) to move ships like the keres and the other ew frigs, as well as command dessies and logi frigs + tackle down there to see if we can do some proper hit and runs.
No point bringing t3 dessies cause they cant enter small fw plexes sadly.

If you need help hauling stuff from rens/hek to bosboger then im sure we will find a way to do that.

Ps: remember we are soon at war, so we might go fuck with gallente militia as well just for fun.

Hoping this will be a somewhat permanent thing we do once or twice a week, so i would love it if you guys can either mail me or pm me on discord if you wanna do this and what kinda ships u like to fly so i can have a mental image of what we can field.

(might get talon to make a discord channel for the guys that wants to roam FW space)
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