2017-02-01 20:12:00
he guys,
- had daily fleets with kills, commign fleets are anniounced on forums in fleet section
- moon bidding is on forums, its open for indivduals and corps or combinations
- Querious fight club rules is sticky on forums
- new fortizars and astrahus are making commercials on forums
- ts is moved to new server, no more lag, same for new discord up and running
- New HC are announced by niki on forum (welcome xant and comrator)
- push x service in uvho (forum for morei nfo)

fleets role daily, sov is gettign is desired shape, ossim is killing high sec bad asses, skorpion drops everyhign with his caps if he doesnt forget fuel, noeka roams, and i see standing fleets up. market is slow.
i need cynabals, machs, loki, guardian and onerios on sale:), few hundred canes, and drakes, and penis enlargers, tonns.
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