2017-02-02 10:33:00
Dear The Volition Cult pilots,

Atlantis Kingdom will be leaving VOLT.

It was a great time to be with you all, but it is also the time to part our ways.

We are leaving on good terms, alliance leadership was informed and we are sure our ways will cross again in the future.

My special Thanks I would like to address to my two friends:

corebloodbrothers - you are our best FC. this will never change ! (our deals stands as we agreed and i hope we both recover our shares soon),
Sbrodor - you have great guys around you ! Look after them! Ossim Forever !

and guys who are no longer with VOLT,
but they made VOLT Alliance Great - PBA Lunax, HANS STOKHOLM, Johanas Gutenberg and BimP.

Roger Hallay
HM Atlantis Kingdom
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