2017-02-02 14:51:00
zell [9:48 AM]
The most successful leaders seem to be those who are able to find that delicate balance in carving their own path – the fine balance between signaling a needed change in direction, while preserving the strengths of the existing organization.
This is the primary reason I left the Corp. It is no secret, anyone that has read slack over the past 2 months, know of the wild ranting meltdowns. This is not a place I want to be; wormhole is unpredictable enough without these additional wildcards.
Let it go.
Some can’t let go because they never learn the distinction between leading and managing.
Some fear being overshadowed by others.
Some try to do everything, losing sight of the fact that doing a mediocre job at a lot of things is less valuable than excelling at a few things.
I spoke with CZ last night, at length, and answered all questions he had. Please reference him to fill you in or convo me if you have other questions or want to speak to me directly, have always been here for you guys, and will be if you need me further on down the road.
I am not here to rage, not my style.
I have all chronological EVE, E-mails, and slack events if there are questions about the fall. If you are board as hell and want a read let me know. This is to be factual for progression of leadership deterioration, not to hurt or slander the involved parties. Please.
It was great flying with you guys and I do wish you the best going forward!
To that end: Please let it be known that SATURDAY FEB. 4th –
• TS will go down for Binary Adaption, as its host is no longer in Corp
• Fleet up will be unavailable, as its host is no longer in Corp
• Slack will no longer be available, as its host is no longer in Corp, not transferring this one as it is written word (burden of proof) documentation of possible future allegations that this was somehow “Zell’s fault”
• Pathfinder will no longer be available, as its host is no longer in Corp
• Binary adaption Website will no longer be available, as its host is no longer in Corp
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