2017-02-02 15:12:00
First and foremeost will go over what we need to do, then I will give you an update on what is going on and what we are trying to do/achieve.

What we need to do.

TL;DR Sort our hangars and skills. Now . Most doctrines and fittings are on fleetup ( ¬) , those that are not, like combat carriers, will be up in a day or so. If anything seems unclear, feel free to ask.

1. Skills – buy injectors or specialized chars, depending on the specific situation. Ex : buying injectors to train cyno V on 100 mil SP char, waste of isk, either buy another char, or inject in a lesser SP one.
Use common sense but make sure you can cover all doctrines and that you have a capital alt and a cyno/scouting alt at the very least.
Yes, a minimum of 3 accounts is a big ask (spoiler alert : more big asks incoming) , but we’re not here to be casual, we’re not here to be mediocre, we are aiming for really fucking good

2. Ships. Make sure you have your hangar sorted asap. Your hangar should look like this :

Main :

- Ngeddon or AC Mach
- Role ship (firewall or bhaal or vindi)
- Armor tech 3 cruiser (proteus or legion, loki will die) , with refits available for both brawl and LR
- HIC with refit available for both anti MJD and super tackle.
- Blops
- Bomber, ideally with polarized.
- Tier3 gank bc
- Command destroyer (works on alt too)
- Artybal
- HAM Cerb
- Combat carrier
- Dread (although we would really preffer that is on an alt, so we can escalate)
- If you wanna gatecamp with TDG, ask them what ships are suitable, they are really good at it and seems like something fun to do in slow times.

Combat alt :

- Bomber
- Tier3 bc
- Dread
- dictor
- If possible a second combat carrier on alt too
- Foce auxiliary (triage) . If your alt is far away from that or is training something else valuable like dread or something, triage on main is ok too. However, if you have flown a guardian, once, two years ago, don’t bother yet. Get some more practice first, be it on Sisi or in a Guardian. Or both.

Second alt (if not there yet, apply this to first alt)

- All sizes of cyno : bomber/covop , recon, t3c brick
- Cloaky hauler.

Super/titan alts are highly encouraged, ofc.

3. Do not feed.

Look, we are not killboard Nazis , we all fuck up, massively at times.No one will make a fuss over a loss, even an expensive one. However use common sense. Don’t feed.
Don’t fall in to that obvious trap. Don’t go “yeah, will just gate this home, what will go wrong ?” . Don’t put your jf in alliance and then go to Jita. Don’t put 20 bil in your t1 hauler and then go to Jita.
These are things that one preaches to a high sec bear alliance, but unfortunately, as it turns out, we are not immune to the derp.

4. Know the game.
Look, some of you (myself included) just came back. Others have just not bothered with certain areas of the game. But lack of knowledge, be it game mechanics, social dynamics, geography or isk making basically translates to repeated failure.
You will light the cyno in the worng spot/at the wrong time, you will shoot the wrong thing, etc. Knowledge is awesome, also allows creative use of game mechanics, sometimes, unfortunately, even too creative (hi, FG !) .
If you don’t know something ask. If someone who knows is talking, listen. Knowing the game inside out (which I won’t even pretend that I do) is pretty awesome.

5. Be social.
Keep in touch with everyone. Pay attention in the random channels you are in. Fish for intel in convos with that guy you used to be kinda friends 3 years ago. Keep in touch with the friend that ended up in another corp.
Build relationships. Eve is a very social game and sometimes having good intel or friends to call upon when times get rough is worh more than a cap fleet.
Also, on the social part, recruit, recruit, recruit. Recruit any competent and trustworthy motherfucker you ever know or used to know. Don’t be ashamed to ask even if your friend is in PL or whatever. You never know when people feel the need for a change of pace. Hell, worked with TDG, didn’t it ? :)

6. Help us help you get good content. Check the map for cynos, maybe somewhere there is a potential fight we can third party , or a pos bash we can gank. Seed the market. Put doctrine ships on contract. Impart your knowledge on certain game areas. Scout. Hunt. Help corpmates be rich. Don’t just sit there waiting for ping then login and F1. If that’s your cup of tea, Dreddit is recruiting.

That coveres the what we need to sort. Now, for the what we are trying to do

It’s been stated from day one that we will try and punch above our weight. That means fighting entities that are either bigger or more established than us. Sometimes both.

For a multitude of reasons (their pets are next to us, they have a lot of assets to poke at, Paquito’s reactions are always hilarious, etc.) , Shadow Cartel seemed and still seems like a good option in that regard.
We started poking at their shit, with amazing enthusiasm (35 pocos in one day, thanks guys, great effort), and, although we failed a bit in following trough and killing said pocos, we still managed to elicit a great response. Sample :

“From: Paquito
Sent: 2017.01.31 14:55
To: xxxxxxx
You can take as many towers as you want, and I'm sure that you will. And you'll call snuff for help with every single one.
How embarressing.”

That brings me to what is afoot.
We will poke moree Shadow Cartel and JMP assets. Maybe not at a pace of 35/day, because we love you guys and we don’t want you to commit suicide, but at a steady and annoying(for them) pace. We will try and take what is worth, when TZ and conditions are favourable.
That ties in to what we asked earlier. Have your fucking hangar sorted. A form up should be 3 minutes, 5 max, no one will wait with their pants down for an hour until you can find in the bottom of your hangar a ship that will kinda work with the doctrine.
While annoying other people is all good and fun, while the odd gatecamp, nano fleet and such is also good fun, most of you will probably ask : “ok, camp, roam, blops, but where’s the nice feet pew I signed up for ?” Answer :

All intel points to Shadow Cartel being so pissed about it that they are willing to redeploy here. It is an ideal situation. We get to fight a good entity, we stand to lose very little other than a few astrahus and a couple of pocos, and we get great content. If they do follow trough and come, we will have a great time and some memorable fights.
If they are full of shit and don’t follow trough, we will still get fights out of JMP and CVA. Plus we will continue to poke at their shit until they are forced to come.

I know it’s been a few quiet days, partly because TDG moving, partly because lack of good opportunities, but interesting times are ahead. Make sure you have your shit sorted, so we have the confidence to jump you in to big fights, against impossible odds and make epic battlereports and epeen raising headlines.

End of wall o’ text, thank fuck.
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