2017-02-06 18:53:00
In no particular order, Fly Fearless is hereby setting the following Corporations and/or Alliances to +10.

The Marmite Collective
Vendetta Mercenary Group

This is due to us working to mend fences with Public Enemy, and Protection Contracts initiated with Marmite Collective, and VMG!

It's going to be tough for us recovering from this war. We'll all pitch in, and get eachother back on our feet and things will be fine. Gotta get the corp restocked on cash so we can resume our buyback programs, and expand them. Any and all help is welcome, as per always. If you're wondering how to help, we'll be accepting donations at HQ (Just drag into the donation tab in the corp hangars), Isk donations are always welcome (And as per usual, corp spending is meant to be transparant, if you want to know where isk goes, you can always ask.) or you can donate your time in donation mining fleets, or donation mission fleets (Where the loot/salvage is donated to the corp). Many many ways to help - and if you're not sure what to do, just ask.

It's been a long, hard, and uphill fight to get us here, but true to our name we flew straight and hard without letting fear hold us back from our goals. It's my pleasure as CEO to lead the greatest group of rookie badasses in EvE! Only those who don't know us have anything bad to say about our courage, and at the end of the day there's nothing more worthy of respect.

Thank you all,
Fly Fearless,
Gai Heiyuu
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