2017-02-06 18:58:00
Any new members that joined up or tried to set up services with Discord during the DNS outage most likely were not able to join CO2 Discord. If you are in that group or you reset your discord access by accident and you no longer see the CO2 server listed in Discord, make sure to log into the CO2 Auth System and go to the services page ...

*** only do this if you do not see the CO2 Channel in Discord ***
then click the blue refresh icon on the discord service row. then click the generated link to the left of the service buttons.
you should see the CO2 server added to your discord account. You may have to wait 15-20 minutes for your group access to show up.

If you are a user that already sees the CO2 Server in discord but you do not see the Broadcast channel (or other channels that you should see) send me an email.

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