2017-02-06 21:48:00
I am sending out a new competition because a) im bored and feel like it, b) I just wrote a new encryption program and want to know how well it works, and c) you guys always want new ships.

So, all you need to do is message me back after decrypting the following message and tell me what it says. Easy enough right?

hgkpqkepjxczwkr wjb htt qnt zzxkfd jq h fxiamhns ismyr

First 3 people in the alliance to send me the decrypted message correctly gets a subcapital ship of their choice.

Good luck. If no one gets in in 3 days I'll give you hints.. And continue to do that until someone gets the prizes. Im hoping this takes a while, personally, but some of you are good at this stuff I'm sure
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