2017-02-07 18:40:00
good and ask me if i care i'll do what i want all i know is the cry babys well cry as always and the people trying to rip people in ur own alliance so i thought i'll fix that price what you want at the end of the day i make my own isk and ether you have something good to say or just dont say it at all
Re: Ship for low
From: Altoran Jenkins
Sent: 2017.02.07 18:35
To: The Volition Cult, ivan212666 WarKingdom,

Brace yourselves.. Salt is coming

Good initiative, will create competative pricing

Ship for low
From: ivan212666 WarKingdom
Sent: 2017.02.07 18:26
To: The Volition Cult,

So guys i know everything here on contract is like 40 mil over jita and amarr so starting on friday well be putting canes for 105 mil to 100 mil for cores fleets or ops well put them up on the day of the fleet 10 min b4 the fleet that way we dont have some ass buy them all at once also if u need stuff pm me and i'll try to get them down here for a good price for now well only be doning canes as ship for mood and other things like rigs shot me a mail ty and hope this also brings down the price on everything we have here
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