2017-02-07 23:44:00
Hi, o/ who are you?

Moving Forward United
From: Xantarus Xeres
Sent: 2017.02.07 23:17
To: The Volition Cult,

Good Evening,

Some interesting reading :

- Operation team is getting ready as planned, see this update.

- Miss Pretty Girl Election is also getting hot, you can make your voice heard until friday.

- We respect all religions, but would truely advise all to read this new little Bible .

- Also i learnt a new acronym today : Funny APAC

This is just a selection, there is much more to read. Big props to our computer team, we really have a nice and state of the art communication system. Make sure you have it installed. I could install it easily, and i'm really not good with these things, so that shows anyone of us can do it. It's easy, it's on Alliance bulletin and alliance mails, your corp CEO and directors can guide and help you. If needed, ask questions on the Alliance channel, you know we will help you.

United we stand, united we move forward !

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