2017-02-10 02:22:00
Hey Guys!

After a long conversation with that randomguy Uitoh, we've managed to clear a lot of the bad air between us. We covered a lot of topics, including fleet tactics, and fitting choices, and we were able to exchange a wide variety of ideas. While we still disagree on some points, that's what makes us different entities.

There were some accusations tossed around about Dredd, based upon reports from other players that weren't investigated entirely before words were shared. To our knowledge, no member was poached, or stolen, and every member who joined Dredd approached James (Uitoh) about joining - not the other way around. James agrees that he will continue to keep invitations to join his alliance or corporation to himself moving forward. Any member who hears of reputed poaching, or feels they are being poached, is needed to provide proof before the matter will be addressed. (

Furthermore, some members have approached myself and Jack accusing or suspecting James of stealing from them - and not paying out for the Gas Mining op before the war. James assures me he has paid out all the gas buyback, and even his own members didn't get paid until then. If anyone still has not been paid, please do the following:
1) Mail that randomguy Uitoh and let him know you are missing the payment.
2) Wait 48 hours.
3) If you still have not been paid, please let Jack or I know. For the sake of your CEO and paperwork, please do not advertize your situation to your corp members until it's been finalized.

To help mend fences between MRMNG and Dredd, James has agreed to teach a few pilots about how to make isk in wormhole space, and how to pvp. If you are willing to do this on a dedicated pilot, you can create a CALDARI ALPHA account. Don't forget to use your invite-a-friend to get your extra SP! Once the account is created, go ahead and mail Gai Heiyuu, and we'll get the process started! This is in hopes of training up more experienced WH & Non-Highsec PvP pilots to help get our own C4 wormhole off the ground. (Yes. We have one. Check your previous corp mails about it :p)

Fly Fearless,
Gai Heiyuu
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