2017-02-11 10:57:00
o/ alliance,

Quentin and I would like to officially announce the launch of Band of Backstabbers, the CO2 rental alliance. We are stilling sorting our rental managers (yes, I have read all the evemails and I'll get back to you sooner rather than later) but we have already started renting systems out.

That leads me to the next point of business. If you see any ex-renters of the systems we have taken in Impass or Feythabolis make sure to remind them that we are offering systems for rent in Feythabolis. Many of these corps are not bad corps, and they are very unhappy with SW and their RMT ways. Let's give them better landlords.

This goes for any contacts you might have. The sooner we can fill these systems the sooner we can do more as an alliance.

Links that are useful:
Rental Availability List (ENG)
Rental Agreement (ENG)
Rental Agreement (RUS)


PS: It's awesome to see so many mails offering help for this new venture. We really do have the best members in eve.
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