2017-02-12 08:04:00

Hello all,

I am in alliance leadership, so have such a right to talk about existing problems loud. I won't be popular person as i like to be very straight.

I always think of myself why we are all in this sister alliance? One thing for sure - to proceed with our own goals , right? But when proceeding with own goals people forget that Sister Ally is support organism for main PVP alliance. We build capitals and donate to Hell's Pirates, we build fuel and donate or sell at 85 % Jita prise and rest of supporting forms. Other important goal - get us feeling of being at home, big family feeling what our leadrship talks about constantly.

Do you understand, that if sister ally is strong, then main ally is strong? Me and my small gang live in 8EF-58 long before you even thought about 0 space or came to Insmother. I saw many groups and many different people patterns. It is clear, we can't achieve goals alone , it's team work guys, TEAM WORK . I am sure you noticed high neutral actiity in 8EF ? There are reasons for that and big ones. We ignore main rules of survival :

a) Going AFK even for short leaving ships in anomalies.
b) Not watching INTEL channel.
c) Wish for ISk is stronger then any logic when neut activity is very high around pocket.
d) Not being in fleet nor even trying to be there and looking for thouand reasons not to be there.
c) Being LAME and not taking actions to make security with own hands and waiting while others will do it for you. Yes, i talk about wormholes and activity to close them. Each capital ratter , each bigger miner MUST HAVE some kind of BS ready to participate in WH closing. Don't pretend you dont have ISK for that , it's max 300 mil. investment into battleship fitted for PVP with T2 stuff ( in case of trouble ).

I personally thank for player Pigfarmer, his call to help closing wormoles woke me up( i was asleep onto some security questions ). Two players with BS work around 25 min. to close one WH , it is long time and danger each time is igher. Imagine, if we like team , take to such a work 4-6 battleships , that job will be fast and all our pocket safe.

Other thing: most seriuous alliances of 0 space don't need JUST ratters or MINERS, they need also PVP guys at same time ( i know it, i was there ). Each of you being in sister ally have amazing priviledge to carebear and not take part in Hell's Pirates defending fleets. It is rare such a life in 0 space . Sooo, could we at least progress in PVP question when talk about fracking out neutrals from our Sirens pocket ? Why we don't want to have joy kill suckers and continue making ISK ?? When asked in local " guys, who wants to help with nets" there is a silence and only 1-2 guys show interest ? We can be stronger and much better if you refink your position , your goals and search for possibilities to have fun ? It's social game and don't forget that , our actions worse things or bring light into our development. Do you think i freight for two alliances for ISK and it makes me rich ??? No guys, i freight for all because we are team and want help as i can.

Sure, it's EVE, we die , it's normal process-no one will shout at you for that, but dying in EVE must bring progress and evolve of your personality and gameplay style. We must learn from mistakes. If no progress, then your place is in High sec mining veldspar or doing level 4 missions.

P.S. I have deaths too, recent one is my capital, i made 3 mistakes. Was not in Hades Fleet and due to situation at home was not able to tell or write whole situation around to be saved. Also that unavoidable sitation when capital starts warp to anomaly and neut at same time comes to system. Also had to choose anomaly far from gates. I have learned!!

So guys, who we are , what we want and what we can do better ?!!

Cheers, fly safe.
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